Once you make the decision to have your wedding on the beautiful island of Skopelos you can begin the exciting task of planning your special day. You can choose the exact location for your wedding ceremony, the reception and the celebration while we deal with the finer details so that there is no confusion in the translation of your requests. Skopelos has a variety of places to stay and some have good offers for weddingcouples and their party.



The best time of the season for your wedding:     

The spring and early summer months of May and June are considered the best time of year to exchange vows. At this time of year the weather is lovely and warm, but not too hot. You will also have the added benefit of spring flowers as a beautiful backdrop for your photographs. Additionally September and October are great for those looking to capture the island as it begins to wind down from the frantic summer pace. It is also a great time for outdoor enthusiasts since the temperatures have cooled and the island is quieter.


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