If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a Greek goddess-style bride, you’ll be pleased to know that whilst Grecian gowns have featured in many designers’ collections for quite a few years, they’re still going strong.

The greek inspired dress has a simple design, but it can spout the elegance. The meaning of marriage and wedding is represented through everything that is used in wedding, especially through the wedding dress. It’s signature design is one shoulder long dress that makes you as a Greek Goddess. Aside from being perfect for summertime soirees. A Grecian dress can become instantly vintage, while a simple spaghetti strap empire waist style, lends itself so well to an oceanside ceremony on one of the stunning beaches of Skopelos.



The perfect destination gown

Grecian gowns are the perfect gown for carting abroad. They’re light and less voluminous than traditional gowns, have more forgiving fabric when being shoved into boxes or suitcases, and are much cooler to wear.



The fashion for a white wedding dress comes from Greece

The white wedding dress does not gain popularity until the great discoveries of the 20th century take place. Fashion historians are of the opinion that seeing the beautiful ancient white marble statues discovered in Greece in the early 1900s has given the western world an appreciation of white, associating it with art and beauty and later, virtue and innocence. The Greeks were using white as its dominant color to represent a symbol of purity, as wedding or marriage is close to purity and unity. The masterpieces of ancient Hellenic sculptors are the reason why we still get married in white today and dream of the one day when we can be a goddess, revered and admired by everyone.




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