Last summer I met Krista when she came to visit Skopelos to search for her wedding destination. She immediately fell in love with the island and her ideas of having a romantic wedding on a special place came all together at once.

One year later on the 1st of july in the late afternoon she walked with her father in a hot summer breeze on top of the rocks of Amarantos. The word Amarantos means eternal beauty in Greek and those words describe exactly the breathtaking spot where Krista decided to prove her love to Paul.


Krista planned the whole wedding secretly and nobody, not even Paul, knew where the ceremony was going to be take place and even what the day was going to look like. Paul and his family were escorted by a chauffeur to the beginning of the path at Amarantos which led them finally to the famous spot of the Mamma Mia movie, known as the two trees by the locals. They had to follow the signs to get there.

48.IMG_8938                               47.IMG_8920

Under some romantic, loud tunes, Krista’s bridesmaids came dancing down from the forest in bright colored dresses while throwing rose peddles around.


The ceremony was not only a mix of happiness, romance, colors and emotions but also from cultures. Where Jamaica was meeting Great Britain, Australia, New-Zealand and Egypt. The wedding guests flew from all over the world to share the happy celebration day of Paul and Krista.

















After a glass of champagne and dancing on loud music on top of the white rocks, while the sun was setting and shiffering on the kristal blue, green water, the party left to Limnonari for dinner and some live music.













Enjoying the homemade cooked Greek food during the hot warm summer night, along with the romantic Greek songs, everybody started to realize how special Krista’s and Paul’s wedding day was.

I think their love and happiness shines through in the wonderful photos.

           Congratulations Krista and Paul! 

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