I arrived by boat at Agnondas Beach which we sneakily had docked already at Agnondas, hidden behind the bigger boats. When we sailed in it was lovely seeing everyone waiting at the beach waving. I was unusually relaxed as the stress was over, it was now the big day and everything was going to plan – plus I had a couple of glasses of Champers! The bridesmaids stood on the jetti with their baskets full of rose petals (which Daphne had provided), they looked beautiful stood on the wooden jetty with the bestman waiting.The ceremony was lovely, the Mayor and Daphne read out the vows and I added my own. The location at Agnondas was perfect, the fishing boats were in and the sun was ready to set and atmosphere was perfect. We went up to the rocks at Amarandos for photos with the stunning sunset, and left our guests eating the lovely starters at the taverna. The meal was arranged by Daphne and was lovely. There was Greek traditional music playing and everyone was joyful and yet so relaxed. After the meal we drove through the town honking our horns in our rented jeeps and waved at passers by, and then drove up to our villa for the after-party that we had prepared. Our wedding planner Daphne helped make it very special, and it was a fantastic holiday sharing it with our friends and family. We love Skopelos and everyone else agreed it was a truly magical setting yet so laid back. The paperwork-side of the wedding planning was a bit daunting and hard-work at times, but Skopelos is well worth it for the perfect wedding location!
Suzanne and Kevin

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