When I asked my wife to marry me there was only one place that I would entertain the wedding happening and that was Skopelos. I left her with six months and everything to organise. Working along side Daphne she did that brilliantly.

Daphne did the things for us, that from the UK, we would never have been able to do. She gave detailed instructions on dates for submission of documents and the translation of those documents. She advised on places to eat, places to stay for us and our guests, transport options, even down to food choices before the wedding breakfast – thinking about not staining peoples clothes with oil from olives.

The wedding day was the best, most amazing day of my life and the people we met we will consider our friends for the rest of our lives.

Daphne is good at what she does, she allows you to have the wedding that you want, taking into account that you are on a small island in Greece and any limitations are due to geography rather than bad planning. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone thinking of planning a wedding in Skopelos.

Mike & Jo, UK

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