This word means Hello” in Greek and is one of the words that we used several times during our wedding day. Our wedding was a Greek wedding we dreamt about for years. Daphne helped us being a part of the Greek culture, what made this day extra special. From the day we arrived on Skopelos and we met Daphne we had the feeling that everything was under Control and our wedding day was going to be a fantastic day! Not only her professional attitude, but also her lovely way of being really interested in us, made that we trusted her immediately.
For example: our original wedding location turned out to be not as quiet as we had in mind. Daphne only needed a few hours to find a great alternative, that turned out to be an even better location than we could imagine. Also the last minute wishes we had weren’t a problem. In her role as master of ceremony and translator she turned out to be a very warm and wonderful person.
A few day’s after we got married we’ve met to check out our photo’s and she gave us a present. A present that brings us back to our wedding, every time we use it.
It couldn’t be more beautiful than this, THANKS Daphne!
Kristel & Sergo, Netherlands

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