1. Go for Romance
Greece’ s islands have mystified movie producers worldwide and served as the main backdrop for many movies. Tie the knot with the green backdrop of Skopelos! 


Wedding Agnondas
2. Experience a traditional Greek wedding
Create a truly unique experience, and have your Big Fat Greek Wedding with some typical Greek traditions, plenty of wine, music and dancing till the sun rises again! 
3. Go Barefoot
If don’t want to spend your money on high heels you can barely walk on choose one of the stunning beaches to say your vows wit your bare feet in the sand. 
4. Keep it Private
Destination weddings usually have the closest friends and family in attendance. A great escape to leave the people at home you don’t want to invite anyway. 
5. Smart Spending 
Wedding celebrations could be quite costly, especially if they are held back home. Planning a wedding on Skopelos.
6. Bonding Time
Spending some time with your loved ones a way from your dayli life, makes your wedding day more special and unforgettable. 


7. Two-in-One 
Make it special for everyone by combining the celebration with a romantic honeymoon and a great holiday event for your whole party.
8. Live your dream 
Sun, sea, green landscapes… Skopelos has the magnificent fairytale decor for your big day and it is easier to realize than you can imagine. 
9. Go Mamma Mia! 
If the Mamma Mia movie is the reason you want to get married in Skopelos. Plan your wedding on one of the locations that featured in the movie. (do you hate Mamma Mia, don’t worry Skopelos is a stunning marriage place anyway!) 


10. Leave the worrying to your wedding planner 

Discover Skopelos ‘s magnificence and its romantic setting without worrying too much about the preparations of your big day, which will be fully undertaken by Daphne Weddings.


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