We would really like to thank you once again for making our dream come true. After falling in love with Skopelos back in 2011, we never thought it would be possible to get married here. And look at us now. THE perfect wedding on the most beautiful island in the world! Thank you for making it happen. Everything was perfect, just the way it was. From our rehearsal dinner a couple of days before the wedding to the wedding ceremony itself and delightful reception afterwards. The flowers, the cake, the food, all the decorations… were just as we hoped for! And what a great location! Although you have to climb 214 steep stairs, Agios Ioannis sto Kastri is worth every step. One of our guests said to us right after the ceremony: “You can never beat this wedding. The only way is to get married on the Moon.” You are a fantastic person and a great wedding planner. I do wish you all the best and I hope we’ll keep in touch. Elena & Peter

From the moment we contacted you in April 2016 we knew that our wedding was going to be perfect and totally without the kerfuffle that had deterred us from marriage in the UK! You made light of the paperwork by giving us completely clear instructions and liaising with Skopelos town hall so we knew everything was in order before the day. When we met you, you quickly got the measure of us and we had the outline of the whole day sorted within a couple of hours. Episkopi was the perfect location and sunset dinner at Pavlos in Agnondas unforgettably lovely. All the details – the flowers, cake etc were perfect although we gave you only a general idea of what we liked. Daphne went more than the extra mile for us, even booking a water taxi for one of our 5 children to get to the island after the last ferry, another minibus so that we could return to Agnondas the following week, and thank you for coming to dinner with us and introducing us to your family – you are a lovely lady and such fun. Nothing seemed too much trouble, we couldn’t recommend you more highly. Thank you from John & Jane, Scotland

Fiona and I travelled 14,000km from Australia to beautiful Skopelos for our special day! Daphne arranged everything for us from so far away and our day was amazing; we now have some incredible memories, from stunning Amarantos, our amazing photographer to our romantic dinner - every aspect of the day was just perfectly planned and we could not be happier with the outcome! Daphne’s genuine warmth and kindness added to our special day and we will remember our time on Skopelos forever! Thank you Daphne! Fiona & Dave, Australia

Daphne made planning our dream wedding on Skopelos island a simple enjoyable and stress free experience, guiding us through the process step by step. And It was just perfect! Tammy and James, UK

Thanks to Daphne we surely got our dreamwedding on the beach of Limnonari, Skopelos. We are still stunned over the beautiful day where everything from the greek little fishingboat that we arrived in for the ceremony, to the flowerbouquette and the great food at the taverna of Limnonari, was absolutely perfect. We afterwards heard that not a single eye that night, was dry. We would highly recommend Daphne to everyone who is considering getting married on Skopelos. On our day she stayed in the background all night to make sure that everything went as it was it was planned, which we really appreciated. It was overall a very well-planned wedding and we are very pleased. To everyone that has a dream about getting married on Skopelos – do not hesitate. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made! Mia & Simon, Sweden 

"Daphne… fist class wedding planner…first class service….first class wedding!”

In 2014 we decided that there was no other place in the world that we wanted to get married….that was Greece! We quickly began to email possible wedding planners on the island Skopelos and Skiathos and Daphne was the first to engage in correspondence with us (a very good sign when you are hundreds and hundreds of miles away from your dream location). She was truly amazing from the very first email and even after our unforgettable, fabulous wedding day.

Daphne has a naturally assertive approach to working with Greeks, she speaks their language and is Dutch she takes no messing and as a result she gets everyone where they should be when they should be there and everyone doing what they should be. Nothing is too much trouble. She is truly empathetic and professional in all the she does. The word can’t for Daphne doesn’t exist.

Tatum &  Daniel, Wales

Thank you Daphne for helping us throughout the entire process when we decided that we wanted to get married at Skopelos and the Agios Ioannis Kastri. Reliable, positive and incredibly helpful from start until the end. We got exactly what we wished for. When we got to Skopelos everything was arranged exactly as we had planned. On the big day you guided us through the entire process in the best way, which felt very safe and we could focus on ourselves. We highly recommend anyone considering a wedding in Skopelos and need help with the plans to get in touch with Daphne, because we know that she provides the best possible service, always with a smile. We had a very happy day. Thank you Daphne! Kerstin & Peder, Sweden

Our dream was to get married on Skopelos and to have an informal, small wedding but with a very special feel to the day. We organised the wedding details with Daphne via email and when we arrived in Skopelos we met up and Daphne put us at ease immediately with her sunny personality. We finalised everything but there was one small problem, the weather forecast was for storms the day we were due to get married - so Daphne even managed to get the wedding brought forward one day to miss the storm. Absolutely brilliant - imagine trying to do that in England there would have been no chance. The wedding day was everything we could have wished for and more. In fact we said it exceeded our expectations which is quite something because we had high expectations. We had taken Daphne's recommendation to have the ceremony at Amarantos and it is an absolutely stunning location. Very private, breathtakingly beautiful and fantastic colours. The ceremony itself was made even more 'personal and special' because Daphne had written her own words to complement the official words read by the Town Hall registrar. They were so pertinent to Terry and I that our guests thought we had written them! A couple of words that our guests used to describe the ceremony was 'amazing' and 'stunning'. We can not recommend Daphne highly enough. Daphne worked hard to ensure our wedding day was so beautiful for both ourselves and our guests - it was perfect.  There was a lot of laughter during the day and everyone had a great day - one guest said 'it was the best wedding she had every been to' - and she has been to a lot! We enjoyed it so much we could do it all over again! Thank you very much again Daphne and we will see you when we return to the beautiful island of Skopelos. Terry & Carole, UK

A Lovely Day We planned to have our blessing on the Mama Mia island on my birthday, we emailed Daphne who arranged everything including the flowers all we had to do was pick the venue and the restaurant. Daphne collected us from the villa and took us to some of the. Most beautiful spots and we chose our, an enclosed private garden with its own chapel. We then chose a lovely restaurant by the sea. Then the weather took over and the island saw the worst storms for several years, Daphne kept in contact we would have to rearrange the day and the restaurant had been completely destroyed. We managed to get sorted the day after, and a new restaurant was found. The day could not have been better. I would not hesitate to recommended Daphne, if she can make our day as wonderful as it was with all that to deal wit, then she deserves to be recommended. Pauline & Mackie, UK

Early in 2014 my partner and I made the decision to get married; we wanted a simple wedding in the Greek sun and wondered if anyone could help us.  Whilst looking for wedding planners I came across Daphne on the beautiful island of Skopelos and made contact with my requirements. From first contact Daphne was warm, helpful and accommodating, she was able to meet the needs of my partner and also offered many helpful suggestions; of particular value was her clear and simple guidance around the managing the legal processes both in the UK and Greece. Daphne was always available by email to answer my queries and provide support. When my partner and I arrived on Skopelos we met Daphne to finalise our plans before the big day; she was reassuring and very professional. My husband and I will always be indebted to Daphne as on the day of the wedding there was a freak rain storm; the thought of getting married in the rain was just too depressing. Daphne calmly and efficiently  moved all the arrangements to the following day and we were able to have beautiful but simple wedding in the Greek sun as requested. Lisa and Peter, UK

We wanted to say a BIG thank you for all you did to make our wedding day the best day of our lives! We had an awesome day and night and none of it could have been possible without your input, ideas, patience, understanding and hard work. We would higly recommend you to any couple planning their wedding; with Daphne's help our wedding was the smoothy-run success we dreamt it could be! Warm regards, Julia and Roland

We had a magical stay on Skopelos, with everything we wanted catered for – our wedding day was all we’d dreamt of and more! It was a wonderfully relaxed day with our closest family and friends, with the natural beauty of the island making it even more special. We choseas beach. Daphne’s flexible approach meant she was able to accommodate all we wished for and ensured the day ran smoothly and stress to have a private ceremony with our 23 guests in the beautiful grounds of Episkopi monastery, followed by evening celebrations on Agnondas. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending anyone to get married on the beautiful island and with Daphne’s help it was a relaxed and perfect day!! Katie and Paul, UK

Yassou, This word means Hello” in Greek and is one of the words that we used several times during our wedding day. Our wedding was a Greek wedding we dreamt about for years. Daphne helped us being a part of the Greek culture, what made this day extra special. From the day we arrived on Skopelos and we met Daphne we had the feeling that everything was under Control and our wedding day was going to be a fantastic day! Not only her professional attitude, but also her lovely way of being really interested in us, made that we trusted her immediately. For example: our original wedding location turned out to be not as quiet as we had in mind. Daphne only needed a few hours to find a great alternative, that turned out to be an even better location than we could imagine. Also the last minute wishes we had weren’t a problem. In her role as master of ceremony and translator she turned out to be a very warm and wonderful person. A few day’s after we got married we’ve met to check out our photo’s and she gave us a present. A present that brings us back to our wedding, every time we use it. It couldn’t be more beautiful than this, THANKS Daphne! Kristel & Sergo

We owe Daphne for giving us the greatest memories from our Skopelos wedding; she really did arrange the most perfect day we could imagine. Although we only communicated by email, before arriving on Skopelos, our wedding was hassle-free, we could relax and enjoy ourselves. After our initial meeting with Daphne we had peace of mind that everything was in hand and we were excited to see the results, and we were not disappointed. The casual elegance of the wedding venue and ceremony surpassed our expectations. The wedding fitted precisely with our idea of a relaxed and informal wedding, which only an independent wedding planner like Daphne could have achieved. She even threw in a little surprise photo shoot on her friend’s yacht, which gave us unique wedding photos that we really treasure. Thank you Daphne, we couldn’t have imagined a better wedding! Kristy & Adam Sykes

Getting married on Skopelos was for us a fairy tale that came true. Everything on our wedding day was perfect . The sun was shining and the azure blue of the water was glittering (We wanted to marry with our feet in the water ) at the beautiful Kastani Beach , which we had almost completely to ourselves . While the sun was romantically setting we said: I Do. After that we had a beautiful, delicious dinner in the harbour of Agnondas and our special day exceeded our dreams. Thanks to all the effort of Daphne, who made our dreams come true by arranging everything, even at the last moment . She really arranged everything , so we could fully enjoy the moment and our time together. Our wedding on Skopelos has become one of the most memorable event in our lives. Hugo & Olga

Thank you Daphne for arranging such an amazing Wedding for us. We wanted something low-key, but ended up feeling like stars in a movie!! Daphne took charge of all the arrangements on Skopelos, including Christine’s arrival by boat, at Limnonari, the beach setting of our choice; the Ceremony itself (the Mayor is a top guy!!); the taxis; the top-notch restaurant and even the Wedding Cake. It was all more than a perfect wedding. σας ευχαριστώ Dank je wel Thank you (again) Love Christine and Pete

We visited Skopelos in May 2011 and thought that it was a wonderful island and that it would be ideal for our wedding. We met with Daphne that week and she really inspired us to go forward and gave us great confidence in committing. We told Daphne that we would expect around 70 guests, a large number, which really excited Daphne to explain a basic template for our wedding in June 2012.Over the following weeks and months Daphne kept in touch by email and gradually started to put detail to our plans. Every detail , including boats for the groom and best men – and for the bride, were put in place. The taverna, the food, toasts, the ceremony, the photographer, flowers the additional requests of a DJ and even a Karaoke for an additional party at the Villa, were all sorted for us. The whole process of documentation was explained really well by Daphne, and she advised us throughout the whole procedure. When we arrived on the island , the week before the wedding, Daphne came to visit with the hairdresser, to run a ‘test’ style for the bride, and to go through the fine detail of our ‘big day’. Daphne gave us great confidence in the plans for the wedding and everything linked to it. The day itself went like a dream, and Daphne even translated the ceremony into English for all the guests, which was amazing. She stayed throughout the day and the evening to make sure everything was right for us – and wow, was it right – it was spectacular! We met with Daphne 3 days later at the Town Hall to finalise documentation and then she took us to meet the photographer , who was brilliant, and proudly went through over 500 photographs of our wonderful day, which was given to us on disk. We finished with a coffee and went over our wonderful experience with her and there is no doubt that we have not just had a brilliant wedding, we have made a friend for life, who has given us the most wonderful start to our married life together – we, and all of our 70 guests will never forget our wonderful week on the beautiful island of Skopelos! I would without doubt recommend Daphne to anyone to arrange their wedding – she is fantastic and has a real passion to get things right for you. Stephen and Tracy Dourass, Birmingham, England

We are New Zealanders who were truly delighted to have Daphne organise our wedding for us on Skopelos in June 2011. Daphne was unfailingly helpful, friendly, encouraging and positive throughout the entire planning process - nothing was too much trouble for her and she responded promptly and with good humour to our many queries/requests for help from the other side of the world! Daphne’s organisational skills ensured our plans went without a hitch and her sunny personality truly enhanced our wedding experience. We enjoyed it so much we wish we could do it all over again! Lynda & Derek Scott, New Zealand

We got married on Limnonari beach on the stunning island of Skopelos, providing the perfect venue for our wedding day. A very private and secluded location with a sandy beach and clear emerald waters, surrounded by beautiful trees and rocky outcrops, it provided an idyllic and romantic backdrop to the happiest moment of our lives. The bride arriving to the ceremony by boat made the experience even more magical and memorable! We had our wedding reception at the family run taverna overlooking the beach which provided exemplary hospitality, an enchanting atmosphere and absolutely gorgeous food. The whole experience could not have been possible without the help, guidance and local insight of our wonderful wedding planner, Daphne. Planning a wedding abroad was a daunting prospect, but knowing Daphne was always on hand to ask questions and sort things out meant that we didn’t have to worry about a thing, nothing was ever too much trouble. A truly wonderful and magnificent experience which we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Rosanna and Edward

Dearest ‘Don Daphne', Olly and I would just like to thank you once again for all your help making our wedding the huge success that it was. We simply couldn’t have done it without you. From the beginning to the end you were a constant source of help, encouragement and motivation. From answering my thousands of emails to suggesting when things were, and most definitely weren’t, a good idea! You went above and beyond, making our small but incredibly detailed wedding the most amazing day of our lives and one of the best weddings many of our guests say they have ever been to! We wish you every success in your business and know you just can’t fail! I just wish we could get married all over again now, it all goes by so fast! All the very best, Phillipa & Olly Revest

I arrived by boat at Agnondas Beach which we sneakily had docked already at Agnondas, hidden behind the bigger boats. When we sailed in it was lovely seeing everyone waiting at the beach waving. I was unusually relaxed as the stress was over, it was now the big day and everything was going to plan – plus I had a couple of glasses of Champers! The bridesmaids stood on the jetti with their baskets full of rose petals (which Daphne had provided), they looked beautiful stood on the wooden jetty with the bestman waiting.The ceremony was lovely, the Mayor and Daphne read out the vows and I added my own. The location at Agnondas was perfect, the fishing boats were in and the sun was ready to set and atmosphere was perfect. We went up to the rocks at Amarandos for photos with the stunning sunset, and left our guests eating the lovely starters at the taverna. The meal was arranged by Daphne and was lovely. There was Greek traditional music playing and everyone was joyful and yet so relaxed. After the meal we drove through the town honking our horns in our rented jeeps and waved at passers by, and then drove up to our villa for the after-party that we had prepared. Our wedding planner Daphne helped make it very special, and it was a fantastic holiday sharing it with our friends and family. We love Skopelos and everyone else agreed it was a truly magical setting yet so laid back. The paperwork-side of the wedding planning was a bit daunting and hard-work at times, but Skopelos is well worth it for the perfect wedding location! Suzanne and Kevin

We got married in Skopelos in July 2012 and we weren’t sure how the wedding would be, as everything was booked via emails, so we took a leap of faith and trusted everything would work out well! And it did. Our wedding was truly amazing, and Daphne was excellent from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble she even managed to get us new flowers for the bride in 24 hours after we stupidly left ours at home. We got married on Limnonari beach which was absolutely beautiful at sunset. The food was amazing but you need to remind your guests that there are many many courses! Daphne also provided a hairdresser for the bridal party who was amazing and delivered better hair than we could have imagined. She also spent several hours doing a trial hair run the day before, which we had not expected. We had full assistance sorting out the legal side, Daphne told us exactly what we needed to bring, translate and send, which was wonderful as our internet research had given us conflicting information.We would recommend to anyone thinking of getting married abroad to do it in Skopelos and if you do choose Skopelos you couldn’t do any better than working with Daphne. Mr and Mrs Outterside

We have got lots of photos up at home of our wedding, and are both still buzzing from all the great memories of the day. We have shown the photo’s to most of our friends now, and they have all commented on how beautiful it looked. They thought that the cake and flowers looked stunning! Thank you so much for everything you did for us. Words cannot express how magical it all was. Karen Shill


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